seamcard M2M

SEAM means “Smart Enabler for Automated Machine”, and it all starts by connecting your devices through our GSM/GPRS/3G/4G simcards. Smart real time data to create a competitive advantage that will accelerate your business. Start uncovering growth opportunities that exist in your industry today.




A tailored plan with no hidden costs, high profitability and competitive advantage that includes shared rates and billing charges based on total number of bytes consumed for each device.



SEAM WAY – our secure web solution that provides customers with accessibility and control of SEAM CARDS. The simplified interface includes dashboards and multiple profile management.

Enabling Business Intelligence with M2M:

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Hot Billing

Hot Billing

Our technical tools have enabled the ‘hot billing’ feature that allows customers to manage their data plans based on consumption within a billing month.
Location Based Service

Real Time Positioning

Our customer portal allows wireless asset tracking by enabling the use of latitude/longitude information from location data sources and historical location analysis.
Shared Rate

Shared Rate

Your SIM cards share the same usage counters on local and multi-country coverage. Charged are for the total number of bytes used for all your devices.
Web Activation M2M

Web Activation

Access SeamWay to activate and suspend your SIM cards on the network immediately to avoid unwanted traffic.
Aggregate_Bills SeamWay M2M

Aggregrated Bills

Your bills are aggregrated to reflect the total usage of all your SIM cards, As an option, you may customise invoices with your business information that can be exported via XMS or XLS.

Alarms & Workflows

Receive threshold alerts when you SIM cards are close to it’s monthly data allowance and a CAP alert when your SIM has reached it’s data limit. Speak to us for customised workflows based on your business needs.

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