Smart Locks for Asia: A Revolution In Security

MY Evolution brings Smart Locks IoT Solutions into Asia as the authorized distributor of Danalocks Solutions

No keys. Just your smartphone

Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your door and never worry about a lost key or forgotten door code again. From anywhere in the world, you can grant others limited or unlimited access to your home, vacation house, or office while keeping track of who enters and when. Danalocks can be mounted on any type of door easily. Installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Danalock combines the elegance and minimalism of Scandinavian design:

  • With a bezel in massive anodized aluminum and cutting-edge Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology
  • Red/green LED and sound signals, while a touch button on the lock enables the easiest access to your home
  • Result is a smooth and stylish smartlock at the best price

Small. Discreet. Durable.

The smallest smart lock with the most competitive price on the market.



lockunlock_icon  No keys needed

lockunlock_icon  Quick to lock/unlock

worldwide_icon  Worldwide home control

timecontrolled_icon  Time-controlled home access

easyinstall_icon  Easy to install

multipleconnections_icon  Multiple connection options

log_icon  Log of activity

othersystems_icon  Interaction with other systems

Simplicity is the ultimate. Made to fit any door.

Unmount current lock

Step 1

Unmount current lock

Remove the thumb turn from the existing lock.
Chose the correct adapter for the lock you’re installing. There are different versions included (i.e. Kwikset and Baldwin uses the square version) then mount the adapter.
Mount adapter

Step 2

Mount adapter plate

Mount the adapter plate, using the existing screws from the demounted thumb turn.
Mount Danalock

Step 3

Mount Danalock

Mount Danalock on the adapter plate using three screws.
Remove the plastic strip under the batteries or mount the battery connector then test the Danalock by putting your fingertip on the touch plate for a short time, making the lock rotate. Mount the lid on the Danalock.
Download App

Step 4

Download App

Download the Danalock app, and configure your Danalock – if needed (i.e. clockwise or counterclockwise, turn degree etc.).
Congratulations you are ready to use your Danalock