Welcome to MY Evolution

Striving to provide the best management solutions for automated communications, MY Evolution established in 2009 as the first provider of global Machine to Machine wireless connectivity solutions and managed services in Asia. Our head office is in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and provides M2M communication services to companies across Asia.

Powered with our SEAM M2M solutions & technology, delivered in partnership with carrier-grade network operators, we provide secure and reliable wireless connectivity to mobile and fixed devices (such as fleet management, payment solutions, smart grid, and asset monitoring).

Our Value Added Services

      • Online Real Time Activation
      • Online Usage Details
      • Aggregated Bills
      • Secured Network and Cloud
      • Alerts and Triggers
      • Business Workflow
      • M2M Application Cloud

Our Difference

Web Activation
Data Monitoring
Be In Control
Shared Rate

Our Clients