Plus Highway and MY Evolution have been trying some new projects lately with new ANPR cameras at Subang Toll Plaza. MY Evolution is experimenting some ANPR ( Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

Plus Highway & MY Evolution try ANPR cameras in Malaysia

Plus Highway & MY Evolution try ANPR cameras in Malaysia

solution to reduce the burden of manual typing the license plate number for Toll operators. The system is designed to automatically read the license plates in any weather conditions and to open the barrier with some serious OCR and control mechanism.

“The challenge in Malaysia is that license plates are not reflecting infrared”, said Philippe Buriot CEO who joined the installation team that night, “therefore, we have partnered with├é┬áSurvision SA, our European partner for one of the only Intelligent Transport System capable to work in visible light integrated with our #SEAMCloud and #SeamCard M2M connected solutions”.

He added “The project is still at Proof of Concept stage, but the detection rates are above our expectations. Plus Highway is an innovative company that is adopting M2M automation to better serve its customers, we hope that this solution will bring greater value to the public.”