Job Purpose:

Managing MY Evolution Infrastructure Planning, Design, Security, Development, Commissioning and Optimisation to meet Business requirements for effective communication between diverse platforms, mobile,  packet data, core IP networks and Internet .

Principal Accountabilities:

-   Manage Network Infrastructure for the company’s including connectivity with GGSN, Internet, routing protocols, SMS, Billing, Mediation, Provisioning, VAS, M2M platform, Customer Care and Office Systems.

-   Manage company’s and partners IT and Network Infrastructure to support the Value Added Services, Business connectivity needs and peering with Global Business Partners, and maintain the Business Support Systems and corporate systems.

-   Planning, designing and implementing Information Technology Architecture to meet business desires.

-   Analyse business project requirements, evaluate proposals and design appropriate solutions for ensuring accurate site integration. Evaluate vendor quotations and regulate appropriate purchase requisitions.

-   Secure provision for, and give operational support to systems and procedures that ensure the effective communication for the respective connectivity on the (LANs), (VPNs) and (WANs) that service the business needs of the Company.

-   Control Systems design and procedures for redundancies eliminate Single Points Of Failures and ensure effective & immediate backup facilities in the event of System and Network Failures.

-   Organize tasks of various technical groups responsible for Administration of Network & Office Systems and Office Automation,  and coordinate the commissioning of projects and assignments to ensure the proper deliverance of the company’s various demands and objectives.

-   Manage MY Evolution’s future regional expansion initiatives relating to Integration, Infrastructure, Information Security and responsible for the practical implementation of solutions and practices to achieve an overall utilization of the Information Technology resources and the various business entities.

-   Assess network & system performance continuously in order to identify opportunities for Network & Systems Optimisation, Development and upgrades that extend and exploit the full potential of  the Company’s existing technological capability.

-   Manage all Support, Maintenance and Managed Services Contracts.

Keep informed of technological advances and industry best practices in order to assess their possible adaptation for use in increasing the Company’s technological superiority


Operating Environment:

With the Company in start-up mode, the major challenge for the IT function has been to imbed a virtualized IT infrastructure to provide the platform for the Company’s machine-to-machine communications using packet data network and SMS,


Knowledge Skills and Experience:

Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science.

Minimum of 5 years experience in the areas of routers, switches servers and internet operations.

In-depth knowledge and experience in data communication, networks and systems technologies.

Supervisory, team leadership potential.

Excellent written and oral English skills.

Strong planning, analytical and problem solving skills.