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MY Evolution is a full-service M2M specialized service provider and network operator. It has solutions that bundle connectivity services and the network access.SeamM2M

In the M2M market, our customers are industrials which face daily challenges to control their operations and cost while scaling up the number of monitored assets of their company.

MY Evolution supports them by proposing customized IT and communication solutions with a combined knowledge in their segment as well as in telecoms. Think of an  M2M service provider as a mix between the know-how and flexibility of a System Integrator and the power & coverage of a mobile Telecom network operator.

Our solutions are articulated around four streams available when buying  SEAM Cards:

Our SEAM technology accessible with SEAMWay & SEAMLinks enables to propose solutions adapted to the management and integration challenges of our M2M customers.

  • SEAM Core : International Mobile Data access and Routing

We rely on Carrier grade Mobile Operator networks across the world to provide a seamless data experience anywhere.

Our operations are working 24/7 to ensure fast response and high reliability of our systems. Our cloud also hosts some of our customer solutions to ensure the best reliability of the end to end chain.

  • Eco-System Aggregator & Device Trouble Shooting

Our teams do module certification and have increasing know-how on the multiple players, devices and solutions available to suit your business. Let us know your needs and we will find the right solution.