Connecting Anything Anywhere

Our M2M wireless service uses a seamless footprint from our network provider to connect different pieces of equipment so they communicate with each other, saving you from monitoring them yourself.
Exactly how you set up your network communications will depend on what you need. For example, your assets may be able to ‘talk’ to each other without human intervention, a monitor could trigger a switch, or a meter could send data to a billing system.
Your equipment can also be set up to send alarms or reports back to your central monitoring system.

M2M Data Plans

Industrial Monitoring 95
Retail Payment (POS) 80
Remote Monitoring 75
Fleet & Transport – Security 60

Our Services



As a business, when you insert normal telecom simcards in remote assets, you start having specific risks such as staff & resellers misusing them, billing errors, security issues, multi-country deployments as well as an increasing complexity to manage your growing number of assets. When deploying SEAM Cards, your business and partners can access all the power of our SEAM solutions in many ways – It’s much more than simcards, and is tied to our technology solutions to bring you the following benefits:

  • Flexibility and time to market
  • Price control and risk reduction
  • International Footprint
  • Asset Management
  • Quality, Scalability and Service


Our suite of services offers opportunities for vertical industries to gain a competitive advantage, drive growth and better their business while being powered with connected solutions and cloud technologies that are scalable and cost effective. SEAM Way is our online access to the M2M technology. M2M made as easy as possible with web 2.0 interface to manage your seamcards from anywhere. Activate real time, monitor your cards, control health of your devices, all the power of SEAM Vantage become available through this interface. SEAM Way enable your business to manage:



  • Manage your SEAMCards in one place
  • Organize & Sort the way you like (Groups, Aggregates, Nicknames)
  • View Real Time Information (Location, Traffic, Pattern Alarms, Reports, DPI, CDRs, Services
  • Check your end-to-end solution on-line (Health Check Device, Network, Application)
  • Activate / Suspend / Reactivate in a click (Real time provisioning)
  • Choose and realign your Offer Plans online (Down & Upgrading, Hot Billing each month)
  • Send & Receive SMSs online
  • Manage your invoices and CDRs
  • Manage your alarms
  • Manage your Users & Permissions (Resellers, Installation, Operation, Finance, Customers)


In 2012, MY Evolution announced the first M2M cloud service available in Malaysia. For customers with high-end requirements for traffic availability, our virtualized environment enable to host your databases and application servers to enjoy a direct link to your tracked assets.
No more interruption of Internet communication, your end-to-end solution is directly in our facilities where SEAMCore is running. We propose:
  • Cloud Database storage
  • Cloud Application hosting
  • Troubleshooting & Support by a team of M2M experts
Whichever your environment, our experts will help you design the best cloud solution to suit your scaling business.


Our back-end Routing Management technology that enable Data & SMSs to securely transit to it correct destination. Our features are all included with SEAM Cards such as:
  • 200 countries Data & SMS coverage
  • IP Filtering
  • Static IPs & Always on for all your assets
  • Virtual IPs
  • VPNs & Lease Lines
  • Traffic Rerouting & Rating
  • SMS management ( API, SMPP, forwarding)
  • Internet forwarding